The Secret To A Reliable Vehicle!

September 4th, 2016

The average car on the road today is over 14 years old. That tells us two things: cars are holding up better, and people are comfortable with hanging onto them Preventive Maintenance in Niantic CT longer. No car can ever get to that age, however, without the right maintenance!

So how do you get that kind of longevity out of a vehicle?

Oil changes: Just like a generation ago, your engine depends on clean motor oil to coat moving parts, reduce wear and cut carbon/sludge buildup. Use the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil, and change at regular intervals.

Cooling system: Antifreeze contains anti-corrosion agents to prevent the buildup of scale in your radiator and water pump, but the system still needs a flush and refill from time to time. Recommendations vary depending on the vehicle and the brand of antifreeze. If in doubt, it’s easy for a technician to use a tester to find out the specific gravity and overall condition of your coolant, and replace it if needed.

Automatic transmission: Transmission fluid, like motor oil, has a service life. Especially if you ever tow a trailer or haul heavy loads, transmission fluid should be flushed and refilled according to manufacturer’s specs.

Body and interior: Wash and wax your car regularly to protect the finish and ward off rust, and make sure to park in the shade whenever possible to avoid damage to your dashboard and seats from the sun’s UV rays.  

Lube: Many lubrication points on your vehicle, such as the wheel bearings, suspension and driveline, are now permanently sealed and cannot be greased. It’s still a good idea, though, to have their condition checked regularly (especially past 100,000 miles) and replace them if needed.

We’ve got many more tips on how to keep your vehicle together for the long haul – make an appointment with us at Town Tire Auto Service Centers! 

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