Wheel Alignment? Why?

March 11th, 2017

A vehicle that pulls to the right is more than just a tiresome annoyance to the driver. It’s actually costing you money in terms of excessive drag and rolling resistance Wheel Alignment in Gainesville FL that hurts fuel economy, and it’s wearing out your tires prematurely.

Your vehicle’s front wheels are set to very specific angles for the best possible handling, cornering, road manners and on-center feel. The angles are set by engineers, and that’s how your vehicle leaves the factory. Those angles are:

  • Toe-in, the inward skew of a wheel as seen from above
  • Toe-out, the opposite of toe-in
  • Camber, the inward or outward orientation of the top of the wheel
  • Caster, the fore-and-aft orientation of a wheel in reference to a given point

A hard hit on a curb, pothole or railroad track can be enough to jolt any of these angles out of spec. In extreme cases, it can be enough to actually bend and deform a tie rod, Pitman arm  or other important piece of steering gear.

So…are you noticing any problems like these?

  • Noticeable pull to one side while driving on straight pavement
  • Steering that feels “clumsy” or “heavy”
  • Poor “returnability” – steering wheel doesn’t center itself readily after rounding a corner
  • Uneven wear along inside or outside edge of a tire

At Town Tire Pros, our technicians use an alignment rack where they can take measurements of the critical steering angles on your vehicle. Using those measurements, the tech can then make fine, minute adjustments to gradually bring the wheels back into spec again and neutralize some of the problems you may have been noticing. Many later-model vehicles have adjustable rear wheel angles as well, for a comprehensive four-wheel alignment. Be sure to print out our wheel alignment coupon and bring it with you for $10 off any alignment service!

If you find yourself fighting the wheel on your vehicle or constantly having to hold it off-center to stay pointed in a straight line, don’t just put up with it. Make an appointment with us and let’s get you driving straight again!

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